Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury


THE FLICKERING cine film has all the compulsive horror of the footage of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

In a sickening blur of speed, the Walker Lotus 18/21 racing car leaves the track and bucks violently as it surges out of control over the rough verge and slams into a grassy bank.
The driver – with no modern safety harness to protect him – can be seen being bounced out of his seat in the last, terrifying moments before impact.
He is left clinging helplessly to the steering wheel, his feet unable to reach the pedals as he hurtles towards his doom.
Later, one observer would recall having seen a plume of fire shooting from the rear of the car ‘like a burst from a flame gun’. He would also describe the ‘spontaneous gasp of apprehension’ when the crowd realised disaster was…

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