Thanks, Jen. Beautifully written. You can add a press button too, so people can repost on their main blogs. Go to My Sites at to left, then find sharing (or go to WP admin at very bottom of list). We learn by doing (me as little as possible, so I’m “safest”)
have a great day
“the world’s absolutely worst photographer)

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I saw a photo you put up in one of your blogs it was from your friend john in south africam sorry I took his words and turned it around
This is what I put up his words are in capitals

When you SHARE with others on the world wide web they become apart of the fabric of your life .
Through your writings, photos , messages, comments.,sharings
It touches so many people , they in the process touch others and its spreads
Unbeknown to you,
You IMPACT another persons life in so many different ways ,every way shape and form is like magic
You UPLIFT them with a knowledge you never thought you had.
Words spread like a river flowing , bending around corrners , binding us all as friends around the world ,
You don’t have to see it, to feel what is hapoening in someone elses life

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