Unlocking The Hidden Me

#poetry #limerick

Our little trooper has turned three

A ping pong ball he is I do agree

Oh I so love his bugs bunny beak

May he grow up to be like an oak tree, such unique

Joie de vivre he is to us for free.

Masha Allah you turned three today.. When I try to turn back the pages of the past two years with you, i really get amazed at how you grew up from a teensy weensy soul lying helplessly to the one who never rests… I lookedinto your glittering eyes when I held you for the first time and felt every bit of calm and peace.

I assumed you had too many questions to ask as your eyes wandered here and there.. And now when I even try to look what’s in your eyes, trust me you don’t even allow me to do that. You…

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